3rd Graduation Ceremony on 24th February 2018.


        For first year, subjects are common to all courses, which include subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, FPL, Basic Electronics, Basic Electrical & Basic Mechanical Engineering. Behind the growth of all latest technologies, there is vital role of basic sciences. The first step towards the development of any technology comprehends basic concepts of fundamental sciences. This exactly is provided by us, which help in making a rock solid foundation for their future, in specialized field of engineering. Knowledge of basic sciences is used to tackle many problems and giving an opportunity to work on new technologies.

        Engineering science department has well equipped & furnished chemistry, physics Laboratories. This department has well experienced & highly qualified staff that always encourages the students to participate in co-curricular activities. The department has implemented mentor system for the students.


1. To provide the students a broad based foundation in engineering for a diverse range of careers in industry, government sector and overseas employment.

2. To enable them to acquire a large range of skills and ways of pragmatic thinking drawn from the engineering technology and humanities.


  • Engg. Chemistry Lab
  • Engg. Physics Lab
  • Basic Civil Lab
  • Basic Mechanical Lab
  • Computer Center Lab
  • Engg. Workshop Lab

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